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Worktec 30cc Blower Vacuum Mulcher

Worktec 30cc Blower Vacuum Mulcher for sale
Worktec 30cc Blower Vacuum Mulcher is ready to ship within 24 hours anywhere in Australia
Old price: $169.00
Price: $129.00
Manufacturer: Worktec
The All New Worktec 30cc Blower Vacuum Mulcher is Available Now!

The all new Worktec 30cc Blower Vacuum Mulcher is an extreme machine for your lawn care needs. The Tough and Durable 30cc engine is optimized for both blower and vacuum mulching high performance. In blow function the blower vacuum generates a constant steady air speed of 200km/hr thu the central Blower tube, with tip end blow exit speeds well in excess of 200+ km/hr moving more than 10.5 cubic meters of air a minute.

There are also two separate blowing tube nozzle designs for the Worktec 30cc blower vacuum mulcher that allow you easily choose between a flat profiled blow pattern or a more pointed blow pattern depending on the type of material you intend to blow with the Worktec Blower Vacuum Mulcher. You can switch between the two different nozzles easily in mere seconds.

The Worktec 30cc blower vacuum mulcher can relatively quickly convert to a full on mulcher in a very rapid amount of time giving you the ability to suction up and mulch vast amounts of yard refuse into an ample 40 litre collection bag. It easily coverts to suction and mulching mode with the rapid addition of two additional tubes and attachment of collection bag.

Many users use this blowvac to mulch the refuse after it has been blown into large piles. This allows you to work with your yard refuse in an environmentally friendly way recycling the refuse as organic material to feed your lawn and gardens.

The blowvac is robustly constructed ensuring its its survivability and continued use under some of the most demanding of conditions for Blower vacuum mulchers. And the best thing about it is, it comes with an easy to use on-board priming system and an easy to start pull to start system.

Key Features of the Worktec 30cc Blower Vacuum Mulcher

  • Powerful 30cc 2 Stroke High Quality Engine
  • 500ml Fuel Tank for Longer Runtime
  • Primer Function for Easy Cold Starting
  • Full Crank Double Bearing Construction for Engine Durability
  • Well Constructed Plastic Engine Housing
  • High Visibility Transparent Fuel Tank
  • Ergonomic Design for ease of use
  • Finger Tip Trigger Control
  • Split Blower Tube easy to Configure Construction
  • Enormous 40L Grass Collection Bag
  • Quickly Adapts between Blower and Vacuum Mulcher Functions
  • Quality Tube End Wheels for Yard Vacuuming in Vacuum//Mulch Mode
  • Single Shoulder Harness with double Blowvac attach points
  • Fuel/Oil Mixing Tank Provided
  • Handy Wrench and driver provided screws and spark plug change 
  • This product can also used as a blower or a Vacuum Mulcher
  • This product ships within 24 hours from our Australian warehouse

Technical Specification of the Worktec 30cc Blower Vacuum Mulcher

  • Item: PETBV302-001
  • Engine: 30cc 2 Stroke Engine
  • 850 watts of Power
  • 2 in 1 Blower and Vacuum/Mulcher
  • 5 separate Tube Attachments
  • 500ml Fuel Tank Fill Capacity
  • 200km/hr Central Blow Tube Air Speed
  • 200+km/hr Nozzle Exit Airspeed
  • 10.5 cbm/min Air displacment
  • Fuel to Oil Ratio: 40:1
  • Aus Emissions Compliant
  • Includes Fuel/Oil Mixing Container
  • Includes spark plug wrench and screwdriver

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Worktec 30cc Blower Vacuum Mulcher Price: $ 129.00