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In 2010, Fill2ship was formed to be the Worlds First Ever Group Buying company dedicated to Power Tools, Hardware and Home Improvement. Since then we have grown to be a premier supplier of quality products to the Australian Market. We supply high specification products across a variety of price ranges, at every step of the way ensuring our customers get the absolute maximum value for their money. We consider ourselves a product value leader in the Australian market.

Fill2ship, has evolved into a Group Buying and Direct buy company supplying hundreds of products using our revolutionary Fill2ship Concept as well as Traditional Sales Direct from our Warehouse in Adelaide.

Now, we want to actively develop a distributor and product sales and support base second to none in Australia.

New for 2013 -Innovative Web Linking and Point of Sale Partnership

Do you own or manage a pub, bar, restaurant, winery, hardware store, small shop, small retail space, or any available space from where you meet the public on a regular basis?? Do you have an interest in Tools and Hardware? And do you want to make money???? If you answered yes to these questions we certainly want to talk to you.

Fill2ship has further transformed our ability to partner with companies and individuals wanting to profit from the selling and distributing of Fill2ship Products across Australia. Please contact us for further details about how you can be part of the team working with one of the most innovative young companies in Australia.

If you are interested in partnering with us to sell,resell, distribute and/or promote Fill2ship products please email us at for further details.


Jason Kiner

Managing Director

Fill2ship, Pty Ltd.