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Return & Cancellation

Return and Cancellation Policy


Please Read Carefully!


Last Updated: August 30, 2013 


1. Definitions

In this agreement the following terms will have the following meaning:

(a)  “Customer” refers to an individual accessing the fill2ship website for the purpose of purchasing a product on the fill2ship website

(b)  “website” refers to web address where the selling and purchasing of products offered from Fill2ship takes place.

(c)   “Delivery Charges” refers to all charges that fill2ship is required to pay to deliver a product to a customer’s designated location within Australia.

(d)  “Proof of Identity” refers to the burden of proof of a “customer” to adequaetly convince Fill2ship that they are indeed the original customer who purchased the goods at Fill2ship’s “website”.

(e)  “Manufacturing Defect” refers to a defect that prevents the proper and safe use of the product or significantly impacts the cosmetic appearance of the product, which does not include any defect or damage caused by poor shipment handling.

(f)    “Finance Charge” represents the cost Fill2ship incurs should the “customer” default on his purchase, due to no fault of Fill2ship.

(g)  “order” refers to the process of using the website to buy any number of products from fill2ship using a variety of online payment methods via fill2ships cart and checkout system and then subsequently confirming an order on the website by first checking confirmation that the return and cancellation,privacy policy, and delivery policy statements have all been read and reviewed, and then confirming the purchase.


2. Return Policy Statement

A customer has the right to return unused product to fill2ship within 14 calendar days after receiving the goods for a full refund. Any return delivery to Fill2ship charges are the responsibility of the buyer.

The return and subsequent refund of money to a customer can only be made if the following conditions are met:

A) Customer  must be willing to supply a proof of identity if asked and a valid copy of the reciept issued to the customer at the time of purchase.

    1) The receipt will have an invoice number and date of purchase as issued from the Fill2ship website.

             i) This invoice number and date of purchase should be referenced in any correspondence with Fill2ship regarding a return of a product and pending refund.

B) The customer should return the goods, however there may be some conditions to consider when returning the goods:

     1) In the case where goods were damaged by the delivery company prior to delivery and this can be proved by the customer.

             i) A digital photograph dated at time goods received showing the damage would be helpful.

             ii) Where possible under this “damaged goods” condition product should still be returned in original packaging, with any accessories that came with the product.       


            iv) It is recommended that you ensure that goods are to be delivered to an address where a person will be in attendance to receive the goods. Should there be no one in attendance to receive the goods, the delivery person is instructed to leave the goods at the delivery location. All buyers are encouraged to call the delivery company and make appropriate delivery arrangements. Delivery Company contact details are provided on every Fill2ship electronic invoice. Should the customer leave purchased goods unattended, that being the customer not present at delivery address at time of delivery, the seller accepts no responsibilities for the goods left unattended as per the customers instructions.

      2) If it can be proven that at time of delivery of the goods a manufacturing defect is in existence with the product.

C) The goods are not used, worn, or have been altered in anyway.

D) The goods have not been damaged by the customer and there has been a subsequent attempt by the customer to repair the damage.

The customer is responsible for sending the unused, or faulty goods to Fill2ship at their expense.

Fill2ship will not accept goods sent freight collect. The freight expenses will be pre-paid by the customer, and these pre-paid freight expenses between the customers location and the Fill2ship return address are non-refundable by Fill2ship. Any goods arriving freight collect will be rejected.

The goods must be thoroughly packed to prevent damage to the product while it is being transported to Fill2ship’s return location. The packaging and any accessories that accompanied the product must be returned along with the product in order to receive a refund. Returning the product to Fill2ship in an undamaged condition is the sole responsibility of the customer.

Fill2ship agrees to fully refund the customer their money minus any return delivery charges was within 5 days after receiving the returned goods from the customer at Fill2ship's return address.


If a dispute in regards to the return of funds to the customer should arise between fill2ship and the customer, fill2ship will make every effort with in reason to rectify disputes with the customer. 


3. Order Cancellation Policy

The customer has the right to cancel an order at anytime. However various charges will be incurred depending on the point in time of cancellation of the order.

We therefore strongly urge our customers to carefully review their order before confirming the order via the fill2ship website. Once an order has been confirmed via the fill2ship website charges do apply.


The following points in time of the cancellation of the order incurr the following charges:

a)    Cancellation of an order prior to shipment from our Adelaide warehouse incurs no charges.

b)    An order can not be cancelled after it has left our Adelaide Area warehouse, then our return policy would apply. 

The definitions and conditions contained within this agreement constitute the entirety of this agreement and nothing is inferred and/or implied beyond what is stated within this agreement. Fill2ship is in the business of satisfying customers and endeavours to work with our customer where at all possible to reach amicable agreements inline with our stated cancellation and return policy.