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Shipping & Returns

Delivery Policy

Please Read Carefully! 

Last Updated: Jan  12, 2018 


1. Normal Delivery Times

youTools aims to be the lowest priced provider of quality tools and equipment where possible in Australia. We also aim to deliver the products as fast as possible considering our unique platform that allows you to buy lowest cost quality products. In order to do this, youTools utilizes a dual method of shipping some of its products factory direct to the customer and some of the goods from its warehouse located in Adelaide Australia. This means delivery times will vary between a few days to a few short weeks depending on the product on offer. Please consult the individual product page on our website for estimated delivery times per product. 

A. Direct to You from Warehouse Products

These type products are marked by the above symbol and normally dispatch to you within 24 hours

B. Fill2ship Items: From Factory Direct to You.

These products are group buying type products and depend on orders received, factory and delivery lead times before they are delivered to you.

Please also note, that the youTools’ website provides a % Full status on the product page for your order. Please refer to your order receipt for your order number and the individual product page for the status of the order for all youTools Items. 


Local Delivery Damage Cover - Free Coverage to All Customers

This was previously a charged service from youTools, but now we offer a blanket guarantee to deliver to all of our customers nationwide products in working order without damage. If a product should arrive damaged for some reason, as long as this damage was not a fault of our customers but as a fault of youTools or youTools Logistics service providers we commit to our customers to help them resolve the issue.

youTools will at its discretion determine the best appropriate resolution to any such as issue. Actions may include parts replacement, repair, replacement of product, issuing store credit and/or refund.

This is just another reason why you can trust the products and the services from youTools